Monday, December 13, 2010

No longer taking painting commissions

Hi all,

Well its been a long time coming but i have decided to stop accepting new painting commissions for the foreseeable future. Please note that i will be completing ALL the commissions i am currently working on. Any questions please email me.

There are several reasons but the main ones being that i am too busy with real life work and i want my painting time to be for my own collection.

Just because i am no longer taking commissions does not mean i am giving up on painting, if anything it will allow me to focus on my own minis and hopefully have more photos to share with you.

I hope to have a lot more activity for you all on this blog over the Christmas holiday and im looking forward to having more painting time and less work :)

Pics to follow soon



The Doc said...

Oh, well... I guess you need to get your hobby into a hobby state of mind again. :) And here I was hoping that with my new work starting the coming year, I might be able to afford a commission by my favorite brush-swinger.

Looking forward to more work, mate!

botwt said...

Well, sometimes real life can swoop in and take away all sorts of time (family, friends, hobby), best to take care of yourself first and if moving the commissions off the plate is best that is clearly understandable.

I do look forward to seeing more painted pieces for your collection in the coming weeks! :)

Galpy said...

I know what you mean i've started cutting my commission work down two only two peolpe and at some stage i will need to stop for the same reasons. Love your work some great painting

Rob Jones said...

Cheers for the support guys.

Ive been toying with this for months now and ive just decided to go for it. I have kept a couple of customers only because they send me stuff i like to paint and because they are nice guys.

Doc, if you want the odd mini painted let me know, i guess your ok :)

more pics to come soon, probably of my HORDES Circle army, i am AT LAST painting my Wold Guardian :)

The Doc said...

:D Thank you very much, Rob.

By the way... I am in Nottingham at the moment and will be till the 17th of Feb. Should you be going to any convention, let me know. I might be able to make it there and we could have a pint and a chat.