Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menoth - now with added lightning

Ok so i finally had a chance to paint some of my Warmachine mountain ( and my god is it turning into a mountain...) Really glad i found the time to get this guy done, as soon as i saw him i wanted to paint him and he was a blast to work on!

For those who dont follow /play Warmachine the mini above is the Mercenary solo Orin Midwinter. He used to be a Cygnar inquisitor but has since turned rogue and is lending his services to other factions. Rules wise im still getting used to him. Hes got some great abilities that can really null the enemies magic. Oh and did i mention he brings lightning to menoth?

Ive got some pics of minis from my Menoth collection which il try and post up. Warmachine is an ongoing project that i dip into when i can.

Whats up next? Still working on some minis for Foundry, Warmachine where i can fit it in, and possibly another commision that im very excited about.



Anonymous said...

If you fancy a game let me know. I'm in Greenwich but can travel.

Rob Jones said...

Other opponents are always welcome!
Im a member of a gaming club in Maidenhead - M.A.D Gamers. heres the website with details. send me a mail and let me know