Saturday, September 6, 2008

Start of Thrilling Tales


So with my new "real life" job / career comes the need for more funds so i can eat and have a roof over my head. That means i need to dip back into my "for sale" box and start ebaying. I found a load of Artizan thrilling tales minis and they will do nicely

So first up is the mini pictured above known as Mr Price. I really enjoyed painting him and its a shame i cant keep him in my own collection. I wouldnt have used him for pulp type games i think, i would have used him in my Old west games as a prospector or townsman. Artizan are really good quality sculpts and im looking forward to working on the thrilling tales minis i have, even tho i wont be keeping them.

He will be on eBay in the middle of the week along with another if i get it finished.

What else is on the table? Another warmacine mini for my Menoth force and some Musketeer Miniatures sculpts from their IWI range for a friend.


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