Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Well real life is going well. A`couple of weeks into the new job and im really enjoying it. But the good thing is that it seems to be giving me more time to get some painting done - woop!

So ive had a few new comissions come in that im working on, one of which is for some Artizan Kiss Kiss Bang Bang minis - three of which you can see pictured above. Ive been wanting to work on this range for so long and it was a pleasure when i was approached to paint them.

Really enjoying working on them, some great characters in the range and im looking forward to hopefully doing some of the Copplestone sculpts also.



The Doc said...

The facial expression on the gentleman on the left is amazing. He's suffering isn't he? I can hear him say: "I'm too old for this!".

Rob Jones said...

It was a great sculpt with so much expresion, its easy painting when they sculpt them so well!