Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi all and Happy New Year! (a bit late i know...)

So ive been slack on the Blogging recently (Thanks for reminding me Trev!). I hope to remedy this i promise. What have i been working on? Ive got quite a few commissions on the table at the moment and they are taking up most of my painting time. Some are proving more challenging than i thought they would be so im having to work that bit harder.

Im still finding time to paint a few bits for myself though. I find this is important as it tends to stop the dreaded "painters block" that most hobbyists get at some point. The pic above is a GW LOTR Rohan captain. Lord of the Rings is my fav wargaming rule set and i love playing it so in thought i would start another small force, what with my dwarves being completed. Really like the LOTR miniature line, some fine sculpting by the Perry twins really keeps my interest.

Other hobby news at my end, Ive got a reall interest in 15mm minis at the moment. Im really enjoying painting them and i think the visual effect they can have on the tabletop is very rewarding. Im addicted to Peter pigs range. Im currently working on some ECW using either the WAB rules or 1644. Im also considering some WW2 USMC for pacific theatre using disposable heros ruleset.

Im expecting more pics for you soon. Please bare with me though as i have a new camera and im still working out how best to use it. Seems like half the painting hobby is getting a good pic nowadays!



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The Doc said...

Hey! Rob is still painting!
Lovely miniature this Rohan Captain. I love the earthy colours and the shield. Glad you are so busy and that you still seem to be enjoying it. Looking forward to much much more.