Friday, October 23, 2009

A new post at last!

Well its been a while but im back. I have access to a camera which im still getting to grips with so please bare with me on the pic quality. So what have i been doing all these months? Well i have been painting, albeit mostly commission work but ive been pretty busy with "Real" life. A career change has led me to further education so im back to studying after a while which is interesting... This new stage in life has left me with quite a bit of time to paint so im looking forward to completing a few personal projects and getting commissions out ASAP.

Wargaming wise im still heavilly interested in Warmachine & Hordes. Recently ive been playing Hordes and using my new Circle of Orboros Army. Il see if i can get some pics. My main focus for the meantime though is Pulp / Back of Beyond and WW1 gaming. Ive always had the bug for this period and at last im going for it.

I allready have a 1000pt WH Great War BEF army which i am working through and thanks to Mark Copplestones "October Special offer" i have a huge Bolshevik army. The pic above is a few of my freshly painted officers who will lead my forces to victory! Hopefully...

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