Friday, October 30, 2009

Johnny Alpha

Hi all,
So Foundry have had an xmas sale running for a few weeks and aswell as stocking up on paint and some Darkest Africa minis i found myself purchasing a load of their 2000AD minis. They were reduced from £5 to £3 so they were now at a more reasonable price!

I kicked off with Johnny Alpha, the dogged bounty hunter whose mutant eyes see through walls and read minds. A very cool character and a pleasure to paint. Im pleased with the yellow, was worried about attempting it. Heres the recipe for those interested:

P3 Khadoran flesh
Foundry Ochre A
Foundry Ochre A + Foundry Ochre B
Foundry Ochre A + Foundry Ochre B + White

A bit long winded with alot of mixing but i got the desired effect!

Ive got Rogue trooper primed next but im not sure when il get around to him. Ive been Thinking of a Rogue trooper wargame and chatting with some of the guys about it over at the Lead adventure forum, some good ideas floating around:

who knows if il get round to it but its good to froth!