Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rogue Tropoer

Hi guys,
Ok so heres a Foundry Rogue Trooper from their 2000AD range. Really enjoyed painting this mini, probably because hes one of my favorite characters. Im happy with how the skin turned out. I used the Foundry Tomb Blue palette mainly, heres the recipe:
P3 Cygnar Base blue + Tomb Blue A
Tomb Blue A
Tomb Blue A + Tomb Blue B
Tomb Blue B
Tomb Blue B + White
I think i may have done a few more layers with more white but you get the idea! Definately a good practice for G.I. skin. Ive also completed a NORT trooper over the weekend, the first mini for a Rogue Trooper themed game. Hes just a simple GW cadian conversion with a head and weapon swap but im happy with him. Il try and get a pic soon if i can

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