Saturday, October 24, 2009

Artmaster Vision

Last night i tuned into Artmaster Vision, a show run by Toby.

A very enjoyable show, mainly because its always good to see how other painters work. This show featured some finishing touches on a 25mm ECW unit and some freehand on an ECW flag. Toby is a very skilled painter and has a great collection of pics on the site. My favorite have to be the Napoleonic units, really vibrant colours achieved.

Ive also found the tutorials section very helpful, especially the colours used for the basing for his models which i really like.

So i urge others to check the shows out if you have some time.



Artmaster Painter Toby said...

Hi Rob

Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts on the Vision!

I hope I will have your company on future shows.

All the best.

Artmaster Studio

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Toby.

Il be tuning in tonight for sure, i find it great to have on while im painting myself.

Keep up the good work!

DRP said...