Saturday, July 17, 2010

DA Hunter

Hi all,

I have another Foundry DA mini to share. This time a hunter / explorer type character. Again, bags of character and great fun to paint. He is for sale so send me a mail if interested. Im still planning on painting single minis for sale, i have some artizan thrilling tales and old west up next and looking forward to it!

Im painting a few ltd edition GW models as a commission and i'm really enjoying them. One is a Tau fire warrior and its made me realise how much i enjoy painting Tau minis.

Me and my buddy went to see "Predators" at the movies on Thursday and i cant recommend it enough. Very Very cool. Naturally it left us frothing gaming ideas and weve started to think about using GW Inquisitor or Necromunda. Who knows if anything will come of it but its never a bad thing to froth!

Warmachine and Hordes are still some of my favourite games and we tend to game intensively for a few months and have a rest. I think i'm starting to get the urge to game intensively again. I have a HUGE menoth collection for warmachine and a small Circle of Orboros force for Hordes. My Circle force is based around "constructs" such as tree men and rock monsters and ive just ordered the latest warbeaast for circle and i cant wait to paint it - check this out (obv not my paint job and taken from the PP website)...

So hopefully i will be showing you my own Wold Guardian pretty soon :)



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