Monday, July 19, 2010

Thrilling Tales Ali

Hi all,

Another productive week of painting ahead (i hope). I have another single mini to share today. Again, just something i painted on the side of other projects. A break from Darkest Africa though and he's from the Artizan Thrilling Tales range and his name is Ali. Im pleased with how the brown on the robes turned out, ive been struggling to find a good highlight for darker browns. I used P3 Battlefield Brown and added P3 Rucksack Tan for highlights. Seems to work better than bone colours being added? He will be up for sale eventually and i hope to have some more minis from Artizan painted soon.

Ive got some Foundry Darkest Africa minis for sale, drop me a mail if interested. Heres a reminder of the trio:

Hopefully they will go to a good home :)

Back to the brushes, working on commissions this week as well as more singles and hopefully my Hordes Wold Guardian when it turns up.


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