Monday, August 16, 2010

Foundry Dwarfs

Hi all,

Well my paint station has been invaded by short guys with beards and these are the results. Not my best photography but you get the idea! These are Dwarfs from Foundry's ever expanding fantasy range. Lovely little sculpts with lots of appeal. I see these guys as being more useful for small skirmish games like Mordheim than large scale battles like Warhammer.

I really enjoyed painting them and using lots of colours i may not use most of the time. I'm pleased with them for the most part but looking at these pics i could have done with a starker highlight on some of the beards. I'm learning all the time! These will be shipped off to their owner this week and on to the next project.

Got lots of minis littering the table as usual, mainly commissions but ive completed a few more Star Wars re-paints and when i've got some more done i'l get a group shot posted. I'm finding it hard to stick to a particular project at the moment so i'm jumping to and fro while working on commissions. I guess it keeps things interesting but nothing seems to get finished! Oh well, life and trials of a wargamer...



Unknown said...

Great work as usual RJ ;-)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely painting!Really nice tones!


The Doc said...

Brilliant work, Rob! One day I'll win the lottery and then you'll have to paint an army for me! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Was a nice change to paint these guys.

Doc, i wouldn't worry about winning the lottery because i don't think i will ever be able to paint an army! :) Hope you get a chance to paint again soon.

Bill, Wish you all the best now your working with GB, looking forward to lots of minis now you have all this extra sculpting time :)

The Doc said...

Well, when I say army... I mean 20-30 miniatures. That's a massive army for my speed. :)

I am painting again, actually. Using Saxondog's dip-highlight method for my commandos. Hopefully I might be able to make some photos this weekend.

botwt said...

Those are all very nicely done!!
I especially like the one in the 1/2 white and blue outfit!