Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Russian Advisor

Hi all,

Another single mini painted for sale. This time a Copplestone Back of Beyond White Russian Advisor. Not sure how accurate the uniform is but hey, its pulp!

Had a blast painting this guy and its made me realise how much i love this range and how i need to get more minis from my Bolshevik army completed. The Grey worked nicely, didnt want it to look white. Not sure if it shows in the pic but i painted a chevron on the left arm, thought an officer deserved a bit more detail.

This guy is available to buy so drop me an e-mail if your interested.




Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great job!


botwt said...

Beautiful shading and color scheme...he really is a pleasure to look at! :)

The Doc said...

Hey, RCW coincidence! :) Amazing work. I really enjoy the richness of colour! I won't bore you by complimenting your skin-tones and highlighting. :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks guys!

Im really tempted to do a unit of these guys now... But i have so many other things to paint!