Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi all,

Been busy with all things Nurgle for the last week. These guys were challenging to complete but very rewarding. I don't tend to paint much Nurgle stuff because i didnt think they suit my painting style. Ive always preferred bright and crisp colours. However these have been an excellent little project for me.

I used a lot of washes on these minis. I used the GW washes exclusively. The two main washes were Badab Black and Devlan Mud. This was for the robes and metal. I also used Baal Red and Asurmen (sp?) Blue on the flesh to give a purpley bruised appearance in places. I dont tend to use many washes so this was great practice for me.

These will be shipped off to their owner soon and i'm looking forward to the next lot.

I'm heading on holiday next week so a break from painting for a while. Looking forward to it but will definitely miss my painting :)

I've posted some single pics of the Nurgle guys below - Thanks for looking!



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice work!I've done a bit of Nurgle myself.


The Doc said...

Great stuff. So now you know that your painting style is more versatile than you thought. I knew that already. ;)

Showed your work to some more friends. You got some new fans, Rob. As always your skin-tones blew them away.

botwt said...

Very cool pieces! I really like the one with the horns...excellent job on all three! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys, really appreciate it!

Doc, yes it was a surprise mate and i really enjoyed using washes. Definitely gives a pleasing result!

The Doc said...

Well, before I forget... enjoy your holiday.

Btw... It seems I am moving to England in October-November. Maybe we could meet up at some random convention.

Rob Jones said...

Thanks Doc,

Thats great to hear you will be over here, im sure we can meet up. The warfare show in Reading later this year could be a possibility?

The Doc said...

Why not. I am sure there are trains from Notts. :) I'll try to google the date.