Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chinese Bandit Chief

Hi all,

My first offering after returning from holiday - a Copplestone Back of Beyond Chinese Bandit Chief. A mini i have had in the lead mountain for a while and i'm glad i got round to painting him.

Typical Copplestone awesomeness with the sculpting, very clean cast, good lines - as always a joy to paint. I am happy with the red sash and khaki trouser combo, thought it works quite nicely.

This mini is destined for eBay so keep you eyes peeled and have a bid :)

I should have more for you this week in terms of pics. Got another eBay single ready and another batch of Foundry dwarfs nearing completion.

Not much space on the painting table for personal projects at the moment as commissions are pretty heavy. A shame because i'm playing HORDES for the next few weeks and i want to make a start on my Wold Guardian that i mentioned a while ago. Oh and i should probably mention i went ahead and bought a second one. Hey, i didn,t want the big guy getting lonely! :)



Lt.Hazel said...

Great painting RJ! Copplestones are always a pleasure to paint!
Cheers Jan

The Doc said...

Beautiful work, Rob. Again you amaze me with your skin-tones! Now how about you base some of these on washers so I am even more tempted to place a bid on ebay!

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys, always appreciated.

Doc, i used to base on coins but i switched to GW style bases as i liked the thick edges and they chipped less during gaming.

But who knows, i may base up a figure on a coin again soon. Of course that means you will have to bid on him as i made all the extra effort... ;)

The Doc said...

Well, you do that, make sure it's an RCW miniature and you got me! :P :)

botwt said...

Love the skin tones on him...very, very well done! :)