Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old West Cowboy

Hi all,

A Foundry mini for you today, from their Old West range. Some very nice minis, lots of character and im sure you will find them on many Old West gaming tables around the world. They are on the small side though, especially when you compare them with a manufacturer such as Black Scorpion.

This guy is on eBay and heres the auction link, thanks for looking:

So whats next? Well ive been wanting to do a battle report for a while now and it seems i now have the tools and the opportunity to do so. I stumbled across a free bit of software called Battle Chronicler and it enables you to create some pretty cool maps and lets you adjust them on a turn by turn basis. My buddy and i are playing a game of Warmachine / Hordes on Thursday so it will be our test run. I don't think i'l take photos aswell this time as i want to concentrate on the maps and words but will incorporate photos going forward as i get more confident.

So look forward to that over the weekend - I'm excited :)



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice!Smooth application of the paint.


The Doc said...

Christopher's right. "Smooth" is the word. Great skin tone again. Have I ever asked you for your recipe? I can't find anything in my inboxes. :)

Lt.Hazel said...

Yes, nicely painted.

botwt said...

Oh, very nice piece Rob!! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks a lot Chaps!


My Flesh recipe is as follows:

Foundry Spearshaft A
Foundry Flesh A
Foundry Tan C + Foundry Flesh B
Foundry Flesh B
Foundry Flesh B + P3 Menoth White Hoighlight.

Hope that helps!

The Doc said...

Yeah, I remember that! :) This time I will write it down though. :) I'll try out with my next project. Thank you.