Friday, September 24, 2010

Bolshevik Advisor

Hi all,

As promised, another Copplestone single to share with you. This time, another RCW sculpt which can be used as an officer or advisor type character.

Really enjoyed painting this guy, probably because i have a Bolshevik army on the go already and i love painting them when i get the opportunity.

Im not sure how accurate the uniform is. The sleeve has a patch and some rank markings, aswell as the collar. I thought it would add a bit more character and make him more special.

He is destined for eBay as all of my singles are, he will be up for auction over the weekend.

Not sure what i will have for you all next, got lots going on!



The Doc said...

Where's the washer??!! >:(

:D Joking aside, brilliant painting job again... I can't help you with the uniform accuracy, but the paint-job is spot on! Would you be so kind and reveal the cap colour? Is that foundry moss?

botwt said...

Brilliant piece, absolutely stunning! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks as always for the comments chaps :)

Sorry Doc, This guy was based and primed before your post... BUT the next RCW mini i paint for sale will be on a coin.

The cap and trousers was actually a P3 paint. Some of my favourite paints. The colour is P3 Battledress Green. I think i added some dark brown for the shade and added bone for the highlight.

Hope that helps mate!

The Doc said...

It does, it does! Now I have a nice collection of possible greens and khakis. Time to go looking for some greys. :)

What will your personal RCW miniatures be painted as? Trotsky's Train Crew? Sailors?

Rob Jones said...

Im going for more of a generic feel to the period so the infantry have pretty much the same unifrom colours as the advisor guy i recently posted.

I do have two packs of the elite infantry thAT i will probably paint in the red of Trotskys train crew. Something different.

Also have a pack of sailors and i'l be using your painted minis as a guide! :)