Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Trouble in Little China

Hi all,

Something different for you today. Don't worry, there will be more Darkest Africa soon :)

Here are two characters from Ironclad miniatures. I bought these guys years ago at a show and havn't really thought about them. But i came across them in the lead pile the other day and I got a sudden urge to paint them. They are great sculpts but a bit plain so i thought i would go to town and do some freehand work. I'm really pleased with the result as i don't do much free hand. I like the way the colours have come out, especially on the male and it has inspired me to paint up my Foundry Chinese pirate crew in the same colours - so watch this space :)

I'm torn as to whether i should keep them or sell them. I'd hope they would make a few quid which is a positive but i really enjoyed painting them and if i did make it round to painting my Chinese pirates they would be great characters for a crew? I don't know... If you are interested in them drop me a mail with an offer and i may be tempted to part with them.

My personal Darkest Africa project is well on the way, i have several painted British and a few Germans and Azande ready for a coat of varnish so hopefully have pics soon. Feels great to be working on this project, should hopefully be having my first game with them next week.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

That is some seriously fine painting RJ.


The Doc said...

They leave me nearly speechless. Amazing free-hand, stunning use of colour. I'd keep them. This has to be some of your best, if not your best, work.

Man, all I can do is drool and smile...

The Doc said...

How could I leave a comment without asking this: Any hints on the red? :D One has to maintain one's reputation.

Lt.Hazel said...

Absolutly stuning. The freehands are so cool!

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the comments chaps, really enjoyed painting these, should have some pics of Chinese pirates by the end of the week.

Doc: The red was an experiment really and i like the results. This was the recipe:

GW Mecherite red + GW Dark Flesh
GW Mecherite red
Then i added P3 Khador red highlight for the highlights, maybe two or three depending on the mini.

botwt said...

I loved that movie!! :)

Reds are amazing as well as the freehand work! Brilliant job mate!! :)

Chris FitzPatrick said...

Spectacular job on the freehand embroidery on these guys, it could not have been easy, and looks amazing! --Fitz