Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Scorpion Old West

Hi all,

Some Old West from the excellent range at Black Scorpion Miniatures. Just painted this guy alongside other projects for a bit of variety. Always enjoy painting these sculpts, very detailed and great poses. Tried to keep to a muted palette and im pleased with the results. Has made a change to brightly coloured Chinese pirates! Pics of those to follow... :)

I've been bouncing from project to project in the last few weeks and i cant seem to focus. I don't mind because i am getting lots of variety in my painting and most of my projects are seeing some paint. BUT, it means that i'm not really getting anything finished as such. But at least im enjoying myself and thats what its all about!

I didnt attend Salute as its not my favourite show but i heard there was some nice games and lots of new releases for people to drool over. Like most i am interested in the new Perry plastic kits but also the prospect of plastic Zulu wars from Empress and Warlord...

Pics of Chinese pirates next hopefully



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yet again, very lovely work!!


The Doc said...

Lovely pj, Rob. The sculpt is a bit odd... The hat seems to be too large, but the painting is superb! The muted palette definitely gives this guy a lot of character and fits the setting like a glove. When I saw True Grit about over a month ago, I observed similar colours and your rendition is bang on. (Funny how painter/gamers don't just go to the movies... they observe palettes. :D )

botwt said...

Excellent job on this piece! I recently painted this miniature as well. :)