Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old West

And we are back at last, been a while I know. Some Old West guys this time. I'm updating my collection from Black Scorpion miniatures to Foundry and Artizan. I think the Black Scorpion minis are too big for my taste, which is a shame because they really are superb. So these are the start of an outlaw posse, starting out at 7 minis and i'l paint some more so i can make additions through a campaign, thats if i win some games!

I used the Foundry website and Kevin Dalimore's master class book as inspiration for the colour choices. The man has too much skill and is a great source of ideas. I have also been experimenting with the new Foundry flesh palettes, I will post some results next time.

With Old West gaming in mind, terrain is also a necessity. I have attempted to build scenery in the past and it took far too long and far too much effort. But now i have found the perfect scenery for my old west needs: Sarissa Precision. There are several companies making use of laser cut MDF terrain and these guys are up there with the best and amazing value. Check them out:

So more to come hopefully, i'm always greatfull for any comments




Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Really outstanding painting!


MiniMike said...

Stunning painting. You are obviously a very talented painter. I like the middle one best. The colour combination makes the model really stand out. Even next to the other two great models. I agree on the beauty and size of BS, I put them away since they were simply too big to join the Artizan and Foundry posses. And thx for the link, I did not know them. Cheers, Michael

Willie Anderson said...

Very nice RJ well done!

The Doc said...

Great to see you painting again, Rob! Fantastic paint-jobs all around, mate! I really would like to know how you create that subtle fabric pattern on the trousers... Do you use thin parallel lines when highlighting?

BTW... Might you be attending the Derby show this weekend? I'll be in town and attending Saturday morning between 10 and 12 probably.

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for all the kind comments guys, always like to hear feedback.

@MiniMikie: Sarissa really are awesome, the quality blew me away when i got my first 4 buildings in the post. Because they are made from wood and have the black scorch marks from the laser they actually look quite good without any paint on!

@Doc: Yeah iv'e always been painting, just left the blog a bit neglected unfortunately. When highlighting i just follow the lines of the fabric, i tend to make up my own seams on cuffs and the bottom of the trousers. Small sharp highlights seem to work well to make the Old West clothing look distressed. No i won't be at the Derby show, a bit too far north for me!

botwt said...

I know what you mean about the size of the Black Scorpion miniatures...really makes it hard to mix and match with other manufacturers.

As for those cowboys...excellent job on them! I wish I could do as well as you at painting, you are a master! :)