Friday, September 30, 2011

Old West - Blackfoot

Hey guys,

First of an Old West Blackfoot Indian posse im putting together. Mini is from Foundry, as are all the Blackfoot Indian minis i will be using. VERY nice to paint and think they will look awesome all together. Surprised other companies havn't branched out into some Blackfoot tribes minis, they definitely have a different look than other Indians, mainly because they have more clothing and furs.

So my paint scheme is heavily inspired from the pics on the Foundry website. Love the muted tones and the splash of bright colours so that is what i am going with. The Flesh is one of the new Foundry flesh palettes - Native American Flesh. I used some darker browns at the start though. Heres the recipe for those interested:

- Foundry Conker Brown A,B
- Foundry Native American Flesh A,B,C.

Was a revelation not having to mix any colours as they all came straight out of the pot. Im moving towards Foundry paints again. Some of their new ACW browns and greys are particularly nice. They do still have some shockers though that need mixing through the shades but thats fine with me.

Cheers and thanks for the comments on my last post, enjoy the interaction and feedback from fellow bloggers.



Flags of War said...

superb stuff mate

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looks just fantastic yet again! Just like you I've been using more and more of the Foundry paints again as I really just like the tonal qualities and ease of use. If the final colour is too strong then I just mix it with the middle tone and that usually does the trick for me.


The Doc said...

Beautiful work, Rob! I really like what you did with the muted/lively colour combination. Very nice contrast.

The skin is superb... If the triad works so well, it needs to go on my list. I also love the foundry paint range... It's just a pity they haven't managed to produce a good red triad yet.

Is your off-white/canvas the usual recipe? It works very well although it covers a lot of the mini. I'd be afrait it would make it appear bland, but with the colourful stripes it actually makes it more interesting.

Rob Jones said...

Thanks again for the comments guys!

@Axebreaker - I agree that some of the shades and highlights are a bit too sharp on the contrast sometimes but you just need to work that little bit harder with the mixing. Worth it in the end though!

@Doc - Yes i highly recommend the new flesh palettes. I picked up a whole host of new palettes from Foundry last week because of their 20% off everything sale. Totally agree with your ideas on reds, i picked up madder red and it was still a bit too pink :( Yes the offwhite colour is mixing through P3 Beasthide and P3 Hammerfall Khaki and then adding white. Bit long winded but it works!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...


Yep, exactly what I've been doing. Been using Foundry paints for years and still very happy.I think the quality justifies the price in this regards.:-)

I really like Foundry Madder Red as it's a very warm and a nice soft red. It's the red I used for my El Cid and if you haven't tried it then I highly recommend it.


The Doc said...

Thanks for the tip! I tried their Napoleonic and another one (bright red I think) and both were not great! If the highlight of the Madder triad is too pink, it might be worth stopping at a mixture of B and C. Will definitely give it a try!

Rob Jones said...

Madder Red is one of the better ones but like i said i find the final highlight too pink. I add some GW Dark flesh to the shade (A) and that gives a nice base colour to start with.

@Christopher: I totally agree, you pay for quality and these paints are quality. I also believe that even though their figs are on the high end of expensive, most ranges are well worth it.

botwt said...

Fantastic work on the Blackfoot! Wow he looks great! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks Botwt!

I tried posting comments on your blog but i think the set up has changed and im having difficulties. I was going to say how awesome the new knight models star wars minis are and how glad i am they are doing unit boxes. Can't wait for clones and droids! :)