Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Old West

Hi Guys,

Some more old West for you today. Foundry figs again to add to my growing collection. The first pic are two additions to my outlaw posse and the 2nd pic is the start of my Mexican posse. Really enjoying the new Foundry Flesh palettes. Very useful for an old west project! Played a game not too long ago with my new Sarrissa Productions buildings and they really are awesome, need to buy more!

Life is pretty busy right now so i'm not finding a huge amount of painting time but i am trying to get a few of my own minis painted when i can. Otherwise i find things just get boring and the lead mountain doesn't get any smaller!

I hope to have more pics of something soon, possibly next week. I need to photograph some pirates that ive had finished for a while.



Ray Rousell said...

Very nice painting!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always, beautiful rich tones that make your painting really shine!


Willie Anderson said...

Look great well done!

The Doc said...

I need a sister you can marry! :P

Amazing results, Rob! Could you tell us what skintone you've used for what figure? I haven't been very enthusiastic about the normal skintone till now (is it nr. 5?), but these are amazing results.

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Doc - Heres the recipe i'm using for my Mexicans (All Foundry paints):

- Bay Brown B
- Bay Brown C
- South American Flesh A
- South American Flesh B
- South American Flesh C
- South American Flesh C + Flesh B.

Again, i only have to mix one layer and that saves so much time. Loving the Foundry flesh palettes.

botwt said...

Oh wow, these guys are so well done! :)

Steve h said...

lovely painting, great tones