Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A New Post!?

Hi all,

Woohoo a new post!

This time some more Darkest Africa minis from Copplestone and Foundry. The Guy in the blue coat is a Ltd Edition Copplestone mini that was briefly on sale again which I snapped up quick! Managed to get the Masai Elder as well but missed out on the elephant hunter - gutted :(

So real life has taken over hobby a lot but I'm getting more time again hopefully. I want to keep posting regularly again, at least once a fortnight but hopefully more.

As usual I am playing a lot of Warmachine / Hordes. I am thinking of starting a new blog devoted to WM and posting battle reports. A little project for the future perhaps?

I am also a big fan of a new ruleset called Smooth and Rifled by Dadi & Piombo. It is a small scale historical skirmish ruleset that they have adapted for a range of periods. We are interested in Napoleonic and Darkest Africa so far. Go and have a look! Here's the link to the download:



The Doc said...

Rob, these look great! Any chance you might be moving close to Frankfurt in Germany? ;) Such a pity we don't get to meet on a tabletop-battlefield.

Rob Jones said...

Unless I learn German and can get a job teaching English It looks like a big challenge! :o)

Thanks Dimi, hopefully I can get more content on the blog this summer.