Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wulf & Gronk - A Palette Cleanser.

Hi guys,

Something a bit different this time. I've painted a few Foundry 2000AD characters in the past and loved them but they have been near the bottom of the lead mountain for too long. So I needed a palette cleanser and I am so glad I chose these two to paint. They were AMAZING to paint. Can't say enough good things about this range of minis. I have been trying a new red recipe and I feel it turned out nicely here. Especially next to the warm yellow. Gronk was much easier but I had to paint all the ridges on the arms otherwise it would look too flat. Anyway, I highly recommend throwing a random mini into the painting queue to keep things fresh and interesting.

Played a fair number of warmahordes games over the last two weeks. Made my first "official" visit to the Heavy Brigade WM group in the Thames Valley and have a highly successful evening with 0 wins and 5 losses :o) Back to the drawing boards... Had a great time and if your are in the Thames Valley area, look them up!




The Doc said...

Hmmm... somehow I missed this! Beautiful work once more, Rob! :) Lovely yellow!

Rob Jones said...

Thanks Doc, had a blast painting him :o)