Monday, January 10, 2011

Foundry Darkest Africa

Hi all,

Some pics of a few Foundry Darkest Africa minis. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time you will know i love painting minis from this range. So much character and very well sculpted. Unfortunately i wont be keeping these but it was a pleasure to paint them. Heres a pic of the hunter (Apologies for the pic quality this time)

So what else is new? I have another week of painting before real life takes over again so im trying to be as productive as i can with it. Got lots on the paint station which is keeping my inspiration flowing. Im working on a Wold Guradian that ive wanted to paint for ages, im about half way through. I find large models to be a marathon and its best for me to pace myself. Also forgot to mention i got the Brittania starter set for Dystopia Wars and ive finished a few ships and fighter tokens. Happy with the results but not sure i will be able to get decent pics because the minis are so small. I advise anyone who loves brutal, fast paced wargames and rolling buckets of dice to play this game - it's awesome.



The Doc said...

Nice ones, Rob. It seems Darkest Africa always inspires you to produce masterpieces! Whoever gets them is very lucky indeed.

Lt.Hazel said...

Nice painting, I especially like the way you did the monokel on the white dude!



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Once again,just super painting!


Rob Jones said...

Thanks again chaps, Darkest Africa really does excite me. I have a lot of DA minis in my own collection but i havnt got around to starting a project with them. Maybe in the future... :)

botwt said...

Indeed, the monocle looks fantastic! Well, in fact all the models look fantastic! :)