Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Dastardly Villain

Hi all,

Another Foundry Darkest Africa mini. From the same pack as Tarzan and Jane and a really nice sculpt. It's so simple but has so much character. I thought a simple paint job with hints of bold colour would be effective. The Blue is Vallejo deep sea blue with GW fortress grey added for highlights.

I didn't get to keep this one but i would love to have one in my own collection so if you have a spare, please email or leave a comment and we can sort something out. I have some ideas for different colour schemes and i really want to try them out!

Still have Star Wars gaming on the brain and im currently working on Cad Bane, the ruthless mercenary made popular in the Clone Wars animated series. Now, the WOTC mini is ridiculously expensive and from what ive heard, not the best sculpt. But, i saw on a forum i visit a conversion someone had done and it was truly inspiring. So i got the minis for the conversion ( cost me £2, the WOTC Bane is around £20-£30). He is now converted and sat undercoated on my paint station so hopefully i will be posting pics soon. Im happy with the result but converting minis really isn't a strength of mine. But until then, keep looking back for a skinny, blue Clint Eastwood lookalike...


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely work!


The Doc said...

Simply brilliant. I just had to imagine a whole army in those colours. You've achieved your goal perfectly. Simple yet dashing. Another foundry colour on my to-buy list.

botwt said...

Love the colors to his outfit...excellent job!!

Looking forward to seeing how your Cad Bane turns out, he should be something awesome! :)