Saturday, February 26, 2011

Those rainy days...

Hi all,

been a while since anything posted and that is a combination of being mega busy with real life and the 'lovely' English weather. It's either raining, windy, cold or grey and that makes for bad varnishing conditions! I've got a shelf full of completed minis that need a coat of varnish to complete them ready for pics but I do not want to risk getting 'cloudy' models.

Getting a bad varnish result is petty much the worst thing to happen after all that time spent painting it. I've been lucky and only had it a couple of times but it just feels awful.

So now the excuse is out of the way what's going on hobby wise? As usual my interests have shifted temporarily. Star Wars is on the back burner and Warmachine is back on the table (both gaming and painting). I've rekindled an old flame and got working on my Menoth again (pun intended ). I've painted the vassal mechanic and I'm working on a recently purchased Warcaster - Vice Scrutator Vindictus. Strange that I haven't picked this guy up before, his rules are pretty nice and I look forward to fielding him. Pics will be posted when the weather is kind.

I've also dipped my toe into Cygnar and I must say I rather like them. I only have the battle box and a unit of trencher commandos but I'm really enjoying using them. Also got a jack and a few inf painted and enjoying painting the blue and white.

So there you go. Warmachine is back on the table and I'm working on Menoth and Cygnar. Pics will be taken in due course. By the time that happens my interests may have shifted elsewhere again and I may have something different to share!



The Doc said...

Nice to see you are still painting, Rob. I am sure we can all live with the delay. Don't risk your painting. I did a few weeks ago and it bit me in the bum!

botwt said...

Nothing worse than completely mucking up a paint job with a bad final protective coat. Best to wait for optimal conditions.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yes, I'll echo these gentleman's comments.