Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darkest Africa Character

Hi all,

The weather is finally better but i am struggling with my camera skills so bear with me until i can get some better shots.

I've decided to dig out a few more Foundry and Copplestone minis to paint alongside other projects. These will be for sale through eBay in the next few weeks as i have a Warmachine buying list as long as my arm that i need the fund :)

So today i have a Foundry Darkest Africa mini for you. A simple sculpt as most of them are, but lots of character. This particular chap could be useful as a salty captain for a steamboat? If you are interested in buying him before eBay then drop me an email.

I'm still working on a lot of Warmachine / Hordes minis which i'm enjoying. Really looking forward to the release of Warmachine: Wrath (the new book and releases) in June. Some tasty new models have been previewed, hence why i am selling minis on eBay again...

More pics when i sort my camera skills



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always RJ superb use of the brush!


Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figure, nice one!

Sollado2 said...

Wow, terrible blog, u miniatures are amazing, superb work my friend!!!!

The Doc said...

Stunning work, mate! You just know how to deliver. The blue is the same as with the "Egyptian" fella I guess? Beautiful either way. I'd love to get my hands on him, but I'd have to rebase him and I'd be to scared to do that with this beauty. I am sure though that he will find a home quickly.

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the comments guys, always appreciated.

Doc - Yes it is the same blue, really enjoy painting this colour. I know you dont like the GW style bases BUT i just so happen to have found some old Darkest Africa models based on coins that i will be painting soon so keep checking back... :)

The Doc said...

My dear man, you have yourself a deal! :) But I check your blog way too often anyway. :) Too much inspiration!

botwt said...

I just love the coat...WOW!