Friday, March 25, 2011

DA Hunter

Hi all,

More Foundry Darkest Africa today, this time a hunter / guide type character. Really enjoyed painting this guy, his eyes and features have been sculpted to make him look worried, perhaps he just stumbled upon a pride of lions? I enjoy working with these muted tones and think they came out appropriately. Again, this guy will appear on eBay soon with others that i have in the pipeline. I have also based some on coins as i am aware that some people are not fond of the GW style bases.

Also found a few more minis that will be destined for eBay: Foundry old west, GW Characters for Fantasy and 40k, Artizan Thrilling Tales and some Copplestone sculpts to name a few. Hopefully they will get me the funds to support my Warmachine addiction! :)

I find myself with a bit of free time over the next few weeks so hopefully their will be regular updates and pics and i will provide links to any auctions for those who fancy a look.



Ray Rousell said...

Beautifully painted, I love the colours on the gun.

The Doc said...

He does look worried. He would have been perfect for our game today. The tribal warriors tore the adventurers apart... It seems he is going through a similar experience.

The colours are great once more. The straw-ish looking hat in particular.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...



botwt said...

Superb job on this one!! Love it! :)

Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the comments guys, this was a great sculpt to paint, can't get enough Darkest Africa :) I must get round to actually painting my own DA forces to game with...