Thursday, March 31, 2011

DA Native Bearer

Hi all,

More Darkest Africa, this time a Native Bearer. These guys are essential to any expedition in the Dark Continent :) Pleased with the outcome, particularly the stripy pants, a colour combo i will use more in the future. Again he is for sale so let me know if interested. I have more DA minis to share but that will be tomorrows post - don't want to spoil you all :) Oh and Doc if you are reading this they are based on coins not GW bases... ;)

All these DA minis iv'e painted recently have really brought back my enthusiasm for this period and i have started painting my own minis for Darkest Africa rather than specifically to sell. I have started on some British Askari that will form the core of a British force. I also have some Germans to fight them that i will start basing up.

I am known for my hopping from project to project and in my opinion it keeps everything fresh and interesting. The hobby is about having fun and if you are not having fun painting and gaming a certain period / subject - move on to something that does excite you.

Theres my little nugget of hobby genius for the day...



The Doc said...

How can I not be reading this!? :) Brilliant work on the bearer, Rob! Love it and the trousers are ace!

Looking very much forward to your force and the guys mounted on coins. Finally! :) We are also suffering from the Africa bug at the moment in our group. After painting some Saxons that were repeatedly ruined by varnish, I needed to move over to something else as a change and I am enjoying it.

James Brewerton said...

loving all your DA stuff keep them coming
Peace James