Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tarzan & Jane

Hi all,

Foundry Tarzan and Jane for you today. Wanted to paint these sculpts for a while as they are great practice for painting flesh. I enjoyed the challenge and i think they came out well. I particularly like Tarzan's face, easy to paint because it was so well sculpted. Should have a few more Darkest Africa pics this week so keep looking back.

On some of the forums i visit regularly there has been a buzz about Star Wars gaming. Ive seen all the different minis available and people are doing some great things with them. If you read this blog for a while you will know that ive repainted some WOTC star wars minis and really enjoyed them. I am currently painting some more, mainly droids, and i hope to start playing some games with them as i love star wars.

I mentioned im working with the WOTC pre painted minis. Some are good sculpts, some are really awful. There is one company however that is producing amazing star wars sculpts, but at a premium price.

Its a small range at the moment but the releases have been fairly regular. I think they would be great additions to the WOTC range. So far i have Darth Maul and im really pleased with the quality of the sculpt and im looking forward to painting him.



The Doc said...

Brilliant work, Rob. I do like that skin tone... as always! :) Great stuff.

About the Star Wars stuff... Would you consider Knight Models and the WOTC stuff size compatible? I've never owned any of the two so I have no reference point at all.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As expected superb painting!


Rob Jones said...

Thanks for the comments chaps :)


Knight models are definitely more refined and properly scaled than WOTC so they appear a bit smaller.

That doesnt phase me though because they are so awesome and a welcome addition to some of the plain WOTC sculpts.

botwt said...

Skintones are amazing!! Beautiful pieces Rob, simply beautiful!! :)