Friday, October 31, 2008

The first samurai...

Hey all,

Thought i would post up a mini i finished recently. Ive been working exclusively on comissions for the last month or so and i needed to paint something for myself as a break. Ive got a huge pile of Perry samurai and i picked this guy out. Really enjoyed working on him, i love the Samurai so its a real treat when i get a chance to paint one. The only negative is that the Perry Samurai range takes sooooooo much effort because they are so detailed! I will probably never get them all painted but i can hope!

Im still working on comissions for the next month or so and then i should have some time for some of my personal stuff. Will probably do some more for my warmachine Menoth Army i think?


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Return to Africa?

Hi all,

A mini return to Africa this time. I wish i could spend more time in this awesome genre but my brush is needed elsewhere unfortunately. This explorer is from Foundry and is some of Mr Copplestones work i believe. He is a commision piece and i hope the owner will be pleased with him.

Im still working through the Artizan Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range and hope to have a few more pics before i send them off to the customer. These really are some awesome miniatures and i cant wait to see what else they come up with for them.

Other than this im working on some Warmachine bits and preparing for another commision to arrive.

Busy Busy Busy!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Well real life is going well. A`couple of weeks into the new job and im really enjoying it. But the good thing is that it seems to be giving me more time to get some painting done - woop!

So ive had a few new comissions come in that im working on, one of which is for some Artizan Kiss Kiss Bang Bang minis - three of which you can see pictured above. Ive been wanting to work on this range for so long and it was a pleasure when i was approached to paint them.

Really enjoying working on them, some great characters in the range and im looking forward to hopefully doing some of the Copplestone sculpts also.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Start of Thrilling Tales


So with my new "real life" job / career comes the need for more funds so i can eat and have a roof over my head. That means i need to dip back into my "for sale" box and start ebaying. I found a load of Artizan thrilling tales minis and they will do nicely

So first up is the mini pictured above known as Mr Price. I really enjoyed painting him and its a shame i cant keep him in my own collection. I wouldnt have used him for pulp type games i think, i would have used him in my Old west games as a prospector or townsman. Artizan are really good quality sculpts and im looking forward to working on the thrilling tales minis i have, even tho i wont be keeping them.

He will be on eBay in the middle of the week along with another if i get it finished.

What else is on the table? Another warmacine mini for my Menoth force and some Musketeer Miniatures sculpts from their IWI range for a friend.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menoth - now with added lightning

Ok so i finally had a chance to paint some of my Warmachine mountain ( and my god is it turning into a mountain...) Really glad i found the time to get this guy done, as soon as i saw him i wanted to paint him and he was a blast to work on!

For those who dont follow /play Warmachine the mini above is the Mercenary solo Orin Midwinter. He used to be a Cygnar inquisitor but has since turned rogue and is lending his services to other factions. Rules wise im still getting used to him. Hes got some great abilities that can really null the enemies magic. Oh and did i mention he brings lightning to menoth?

Ive got some pics of minis from my Menoth collection which il try and post up. Warmachine is an ongoing project that i dip into when i can.

Whats up next? Still working on some minis for Foundry, Warmachine where i can fit it in, and possibly another commision that im very excited about.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

keep on Bloggin'

Its been a while since the last update, sorry about that. So whats been going on with RJ and his painting? Well ive had alot going on, just finished a big comission and im in the middle of another. One of the minis in the comission is the Swashbuckler featured above. Ive got a few other commisions lined up but if you are interested in me doing a bit of painting for you just drop me an email and we can talk.

In terms of my own projects ive been touching on alot of things rather than focusing on anything specific. Im kinda doing this so i dont lose interest with anything too fast! So im currently working on 6mm Dark Realm Sci-Fi, GHQ WWII micro armour, West Wind Secrets of the third Reich and Renegade WWI,. Ive loooooooots more projects aswell but these are the ones that currently have my attention.

So the mini above is (i think) a Black Cat Pirate / Swashbuckler. First time ive painted a miniature from Black Cat and Im fairly impressed. Nicely cast and sculpted with lots of detail in the face.

More to come soon


Monday, June 2, 2008

Pirates of the...err..Internet?

Hi all,

Another mini from the "random" box. This is Mad Jim Jones from Black Scorpions Pirate range. This guy was great fun to paint, sooooo much character on him. Really enjoyed working on his face in particular. Dont have any more pirates planned for the near future but who knows what else i might find lying around!



Saturday, May 31, 2008


Ok so here are some Artizan Pinkerton Detectives ive recently finished. These guys arent for my Personal collection, they are destined for eBay sometime soon. Had real fun painting them, good practice on long coats!

So ive started playing 15mm Napoleonics (thanks G.O.G's - you know who you are...) so expect some pics of those sometime soon. Im painting quite randomly at the moment so im working on anything that takes my fancy. Means i will touch on all those projects but will i ever get one finished?! hmm....



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Even more Explorers

Hey Everyone,

Here are the last couple of African Explorers ive been working on. Foundy sculpts of course. Really enjoying painting some minis from this period, they have some great character and its given me alot of practice with my muted tones.

Im trying to work through some commisions over the next couple of weeks. But i should have some more stuff to post up here. I have some pics of my Warmachine Menoth Army so far, really enoying painting them and playing the game - its awesome!

More soon


Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Exploring

Heres another couple of Darkest Africa Explorers from Foundry. Ive got another couple to get done and then i can move on to My German Colonial force for my Darkest Africa project. These Explorers are being sold off on eBay to fund the project. Im going with the "In the heart of Africa" rules set by Chris Peers.

So whats up next? too much to list but il give it a try.... Ive started my Imperial Navy for Aeronautica Imperialis. Ive nearly finished my first 25mm ACW base (new Perry plastics) Ive got a few WW1 Early British Infantry from Renegade undercoated. Plus alot more random stuff...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Leeloo Dallas - Muti pass"

After watching Fifth Element last night i remembered i had this cute little sculpt lying around somewhere. She's from Heresy Miniatures and is sculpted in the likeness of the lead female character in Fifth Element "Leeloo".

She was great fun to do and im happy how she came out. Was nice to paint some orange as i dont usually get to do much. The base is from Antenociti, very good quality stuff.

Not sure what il have for you next, ive got lots on the table plus a new commision that may take up a month or so of my painting time in the near future. Il let you know...



Monday, April 21, 2008

Foundry Explorers

So here are two Foundry Darkest Africa Explorers i finished recently. Really enjoyed the sculpts and im looking forward to finishing the other minis from the pack.

Ive recently been working on lots of different projects. Bits and bobs for eBay, Foundry orcs, 15mm Samurai, Perry plastic ACW, Warmachine Menoth and my LOTR dwarfs and goblins.

Il try and take more pics soon, want to try and keep this blog updated more regularly (sorry Trev...)



Monday, March 10, 2008

Not that many left...

Only four more dwarves to go until im done with my 300pts of dwarves. Still really enjoying painting these sculpts and im looking forward to adding to them in the future.

Im working on my LOTR evil force of goblins and wargs at the mo. Also doing a little work with the warmachine collection i have. Im starting with the Khador starter set and then il go to the menoth starter set. I wanted to do two factions so i could try out different styles of play.

should have pics of my first Khador Jack soon.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Iron Guard

Sorry for the lack of updates recently but ive had to recover from another knee injury over the last couple of weeks so not much room for painting.

But im back now and ready to post more pics. So we have some LOTR dwarf Iron guard. These are part of the last batch for my 300pt force, only another 8 small hairy guys to go. The Iron guard are very cool in the game, they get throwing weapons, 2 attacks and good armour - Not too shabby!

should have more pics over the weekend of the remaining dwarfs


Friday, February 8, 2008


My Dwarfs have a leader at last in the form of Gimli. A nice solid charcter for any Dwarf army and not too expensive points wise either. Not the best sculpt, i prefer the plastic one from the moria set which i have to do a some point. More dwarfs to come in the form of Iron guard, some nice elite warriors to add some punch to the force.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dwarf Bowmen

At last i have some bow support for my beardy warriors! Lovely sculpts again with alot of character and well defined detail. Next im working on Gimli who will be leading my 300pt force. Chose him to lead my force because hes pretty damn hard with lots of attacks and high fight value. Will look at more expensive characters like Dain in bigger games tho.Had a look through my Helldorado minis last night and i was very tempted to start those again but i said no! i must finish my dwarfs! More to come soon (hopefully...)


Monday, February 4, 2008

More Dwarfs

More dwarfs this time. Another three to add to my growing 300pt force. Really tying to get this army done as i really like the minis. Next up will be some bowmen which i hope to finish soon so expect pics of those. Been working on some commissions aswell which is quite nice (lots of variety) Il also be doing a few more minis for eBay so keep looing bac for some auction links.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Im Back!

Im back at last!

First off a late happy new year to everyone. Well i am finally back to the brushes after almost a month and a half. I was really unwell over the holidays and was in bed for most of the time. Not only was i unwell i also had painters flu, just didnt want to sit at the painting table or look at a mini. But im back now and getting stuck in again. Ive started playing GW's LOTR again and im going with Dwarves. Heres the first three ive done, quite pleased with how they turned out. Again i used mainly P3 paint, altho still trying to get the hang of the metalics. I hope to post some more dwarves over the next couple of days.

Good to be posting again!