Saturday, February 18, 2012

The dice were not with me...

Hi all,

Thought i would write the odd post here or there on my experiences in gaming and the hobby in general, in addition to posts about painted models and hobby time.

This post is about a game i had last night with a good friend of mine. We played a 35pt battle of Warmachine (Cryx vs Cygnar). It was the first game in a few weeks for me so was very excited to get the dice rolling.

However, when the dice started rolling they were not playing nice... I have not had a game where i have rolled so many ones for as long as i can remember. Really was disheartening as there is nothing you can do about dice rolls.

This is not a moaning post, it has simply reminded me how fickle feelings towards a game of toy soldiers can be. I love this hobby and how it enriches the creative and social side of my life. But when the dice are against you the enjoyment really can drift away (even if just momentarily).

BUT, im a big boy and i realise this is just one of those things. Ive had a good run of luck with games and a blip was bound to surface sometime soon. Im glad that the blip was down to rotten dice and not a rotten opponent. I thank my opponent for putting up with my long face towards the end of the game and for being a decent bloke :)

I would like to hear of any other experiences with bad dice from anyone who reads this, perhaps we could start a support group!

Finally, i would like to say a big thank you to all those who are following this blog. I don't advertise it much and use it mainly as bit of fun so i really appreciate it when i get the odd comment on a post or a new follower pops up. Good stuff guys.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Odds and ends

H all,

Been a long time I know. Lots going on plus camera issues = a poorly updated blog. Will try and keep the updates coming!

So here are a few odds and ends ive been meaning to photograph and post for a while. First up are the elusive Foundry oriental pirates i have been promising for ages. They were painted to fit in with the Ironclad miniatures oriental characters i painted a while ago. I still have the rest of the crew to complete before i am ready for gaming. As mentioned my camera has issues and the focus is not 100% but you get the idea:

Next up is a Copplestone Azande. Just got the one painted so far to act as a guide for my Darkest Africa British but i have the rest of the pack to get through at some point. Still working on my African flesh tones, need more practice!

Next is a Musketeer Miniatures British Civil war character. Have no intention of gaming the period, just love some of the figures! Enjoyed painting him and he will end up on eBay soon i think:

Finally i have a group of three newish releases from Foundry; Satyrs from their new Tribes of Legend range. I LOVE this range and have invested in almost every pack and the rulebook. Greek mythology is very interesting to me and after reading the rulebook i think they are on to a winner. I understand there is some hate for a lot of the new Foundry lines but i think this one is great and looking forward to painting more:

So thats a few odds and ends ive had lying about for a while. Hopefully i can keep the posts coming if my camera behaves itself... Gaming wise i am still enjoying Warmachine / Hordes and am getting to grips with Bushido from GCT Studios. Nice game and nice minis, Check it out here: