Friday, September 30, 2011

Old West - Blackfoot

Hey guys,

First of an Old West Blackfoot Indian posse im putting together. Mini is from Foundry, as are all the Blackfoot Indian minis i will be using. VERY nice to paint and think they will look awesome all together. Surprised other companies havn't branched out into some Blackfoot tribes minis, they definitely have a different look than other Indians, mainly because they have more clothing and furs.

So my paint scheme is heavily inspired from the pics on the Foundry website. Love the muted tones and the splash of bright colours so that is what i am going with. The Flesh is one of the new Foundry flesh palettes - Native American Flesh. I used some darker browns at the start though. Heres the recipe for those interested:

- Foundry Conker Brown A,B
- Foundry Native American Flesh A,B,C.

Was a revelation not having to mix any colours as they all came straight out of the pot. Im moving towards Foundry paints again. Some of their new ACW browns and greys are particularly nice. They do still have some shockers though that need mixing through the shades but thats fine with me.

Cheers and thanks for the comments on my last post, enjoy the interaction and feedback from fellow bloggers.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old West

And we are back at last, been a while I know. Some Old West guys this time. I'm updating my collection from Black Scorpion miniatures to Foundry and Artizan. I think the Black Scorpion minis are too big for my taste, which is a shame because they really are superb. So these are the start of an outlaw posse, starting out at 7 minis and i'l paint some more so i can make additions through a campaign, thats if i win some games!

I used the Foundry website and Kevin Dalimore's master class book as inspiration for the colour choices. The man has too much skill and is a great source of ideas. I have also been experimenting with the new Foundry flesh palettes, I will post some results next time.

With Old West gaming in mind, terrain is also a necessity. I have attempted to build scenery in the past and it took far too long and far too much effort. But now i have found the perfect scenery for my old west needs: Sarissa Precision. There are several companies making use of laser cut MDF terrain and these guys are up there with the best and amazing value. Check them out:

So more to come hopefully, i'm always greatfull for any comments