Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Leeloo Dallas - Muti pass"

After watching Fifth Element last night i remembered i had this cute little sculpt lying around somewhere. She's from Heresy Miniatures and is sculpted in the likeness of the lead female character in Fifth Element "Leeloo".

She was great fun to do and im happy how she came out. Was nice to paint some orange as i dont usually get to do much. The base is from Antenociti, very good quality stuff.

Not sure what il have for you next, ive got lots on the table plus a new commision that may take up a month or so of my painting time in the near future. Il let you know...



Monday, April 21, 2008

Foundry Explorers

So here are two Foundry Darkest Africa Explorers i finished recently. Really enjoyed the sculpts and im looking forward to finishing the other minis from the pack.

Ive recently been working on lots of different projects. Bits and bobs for eBay, Foundry orcs, 15mm Samurai, Perry plastic ACW, Warmachine Menoth and my LOTR dwarfs and goblins.

Il try and take more pics soon, want to try and keep this blog updated more regularly (sorry Trev...)