Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Scorpion Old West

Hi all,

Some Old West from the excellent range at Black Scorpion Miniatures. Just painted this guy alongside other projects for a bit of variety. Always enjoy painting these sculpts, very detailed and great poses. Tried to keep to a muted palette and im pleased with the results. Has made a change to brightly coloured Chinese pirates! Pics of those to follow... :)

I've been bouncing from project to project in the last few weeks and i cant seem to focus. I don't mind because i am getting lots of variety in my painting and most of my projects are seeing some paint. BUT, it means that i'm not really getting anything finished as such. But at least im enjoying myself and thats what its all about!

I didnt attend Salute as its not my favourite show but i heard there was some nice games and lots of new releases for people to drool over. Like most i am interested in the new Perry plastic kits but also the prospect of plastic Zulu wars from Empress and Warlord...

Pics of Chinese pirates next hopefully


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Trouble in Little China

Hi all,

Something different for you today. Don't worry, there will be more Darkest Africa soon :)

Here are two characters from Ironclad miniatures. I bought these guys years ago at a show and havn't really thought about them. But i came across them in the lead pile the other day and I got a sudden urge to paint them. They are great sculpts but a bit plain so i thought i would go to town and do some freehand work. I'm really pleased with the result as i don't do much free hand. I like the way the colours have come out, especially on the male and it has inspired me to paint up my Foundry Chinese pirate crew in the same colours - so watch this space :)

I'm torn as to whether i should keep them or sell them. I'd hope they would make a few quid which is a positive but i really enjoyed painting them and if i did make it round to painting my Chinese pirates they would be great characters for a crew? I don't know... If you are interested in them drop me a mail with an offer and i may be tempted to part with them.

My personal Darkest Africa project is well on the way, i have several painted British and a few Germans and Azande ready for a coat of varnish so hopefully have pics soon. Feels great to be working on this project, should hopefully be having my first game with them next week.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

A couple more DA Explorers

Hi all,

Yep you guessed it - more Darkest Africa. This time a Foundry mini (left) and Copplestone mini (right). Followers of the blog will notice the Foundry mini is the second i have painted and i can say this one is a marked improvement.

Based on coins this time for the purpose of pleasing Doc :)

These will be destined for eBay or private sale, send me a mail if interested.

I also have a mini on eBay at the moment so please take a look:

Having a bit of free time recently has meant my brain is on over drive with wargaming projects that i want to get started. This is dangerous for the wallet... Last night we played some Dystopian Wars at the club and i have renewed interest in painting my fleet. Darkest Africa is at the fore front of my interest but im looking at other colonial periods as well. Boxer Rebellion is interesting to me, lots of bright colours as well as a Napoleonic skirmish game with naval landing parties and native islanders. Its good to froth :)

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