Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rogue Tropoer

Hi guys,
Ok so heres a Foundry Rogue Trooper from their 2000AD range. Really enjoyed painting this mini, probably because hes one of my favorite characters. Im happy with how the skin turned out. I used the Foundry Tomb Blue palette mainly, heres the recipe:
P3 Cygnar Base blue + Tomb Blue A
Tomb Blue A
Tomb Blue A + Tomb Blue B
Tomb Blue B
Tomb Blue B + White
I think i may have done a few more layers with more white but you get the idea! Definately a good practice for G.I. skin. Ive also completed a NORT trooper over the weekend, the first mini for a Rogue Trooper themed game. Hes just a simple GW cadian conversion with a head and weapon swap but im happy with him. Il try and get a pic soon if i can

Friday, October 30, 2009

Johnny Alpha

Hi all,
So Foundry have had an xmas sale running for a few weeks and aswell as stocking up on paint and some Darkest Africa minis i found myself purchasing a load of their 2000AD minis. They were reduced from £5 to £3 so they were now at a more reasonable price!

I kicked off with Johnny Alpha, the dogged bounty hunter whose mutant eyes see through walls and read minds. A very cool character and a pleasure to paint. Im pleased with the yellow, was worried about attempting it. Heres the recipe for those interested:

P3 Khadoran flesh
Foundry Ochre A
Foundry Ochre A + Foundry Ochre B
Foundry Ochre A + Foundry Ochre B + White

A bit long winded with alot of mixing but i got the desired effect!

Ive got Rogue trooper primed next but im not sure when il get around to him. Ive been Thinking of a Rogue trooper wargame and chatting with some of the guys about it over at the Lead adventure forum, some good ideas floating around:

who knows if il get round to it but its good to froth!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Artmaster Vision

Last night i tuned into Artmaster Vision, a show run by Toby.

A very enjoyable show, mainly because its always good to see how other painters work. This show featured some finishing touches on a 25mm ECW unit and some freehand on an ECW flag. Toby is a very skilled painter and has a great collection of pics on the site. My favorite have to be the Napoleonic units, really vibrant colours achieved.

Ive also found the tutorials section very helpful, especially the colours used for the basing for his models which i really like.

So i urge others to check the shows out if you have some time.


Friday, October 23, 2009

A new post at last!

Well its been a while but im back. I have access to a camera which im still getting to grips with so please bare with me on the pic quality. So what have i been doing all these months? Well i have been painting, albeit mostly commission work but ive been pretty busy with "Real" life. A career change has led me to further education so im back to studying after a while which is interesting... This new stage in life has left me with quite a bit of time to paint so im looking forward to completing a few personal projects and getting commissions out ASAP.

Wargaming wise im still heavilly interested in Warmachine & Hordes. Recently ive been playing Hordes and using my new Circle of Orboros Army. Il see if i can get some pics. My main focus for the meantime though is Pulp / Back of Beyond and WW1 gaming. Ive always had the bug for this period and at last im going for it.

I allready have a 1000pt WH Great War BEF army which i am working through and thanks to Mark Copplestones "October Special offer" i have a huge Bolshevik army. The pic above is a few of my freshly painted officers who will lead my forces to victory! Hopefully...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi all and Happy New Year! (a bit late i know...)

So ive been slack on the Blogging recently (Thanks for reminding me Trev!). I hope to remedy this i promise. What have i been working on? Ive got quite a few commissions on the table at the moment and they are taking up most of my painting time. Some are proving more challenging than i thought they would be so im having to work that bit harder.

Im still finding time to paint a few bits for myself though. I find this is important as it tends to stop the dreaded "painters block" that most hobbyists get at some point. The pic above is a GW LOTR Rohan captain. Lord of the Rings is my fav wargaming rule set and i love playing it so in thought i would start another small force, what with my dwarves being completed. Really like the LOTR miniature line, some fine sculpting by the Perry twins really keeps my interest.

Other hobby news at my end, Ive got a reall interest in 15mm minis at the moment. Im really enjoying painting them and i think the visual effect they can have on the tabletop is very rewarding. Im addicted to Peter pigs range. Im currently working on some ECW using either the WAB rules or 1644. Im also considering some WW2 USMC for pacific theatre using disposable heros ruleset.

Im expecting more pics for you soon. Please bare with me though as i have a new camera and im still working out how best to use it. Seems like half the painting hobby is getting a good pic nowadays!