Saturday, May 31, 2008


Ok so here are some Artizan Pinkerton Detectives ive recently finished. These guys arent for my Personal collection, they are destined for eBay sometime soon. Had real fun painting them, good practice on long coats!

So ive started playing 15mm Napoleonics (thanks G.O.G's - you know who you are...) so expect some pics of those sometime soon. Im painting quite randomly at the moment so im working on anything that takes my fancy. Means i will touch on all those projects but will i ever get one finished?! hmm....



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Even more Explorers

Hey Everyone,

Here are the last couple of African Explorers ive been working on. Foundy sculpts of course. Really enjoying painting some minis from this period, they have some great character and its given me alot of practice with my muted tones.

Im trying to work through some commisions over the next couple of weeks. But i should have some more stuff to post up here. I have some pics of my Warmachine Menoth Army so far, really enoying painting them and playing the game - its awesome!

More soon


Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Exploring

Heres another couple of Darkest Africa Explorers from Foundry. Ive got another couple to get done and then i can move on to My German Colonial force for my Darkest Africa project. These Explorers are being sold off on eBay to fund the project. Im going with the "In the heart of Africa" rules set by Chris Peers.

So whats up next? too much to list but il give it a try.... Ive started my Imperial Navy for Aeronautica Imperialis. Ive nearly finished my first 25mm ACW base (new Perry plastics) Ive got a few WW1 Early British Infantry from Renegade undercoated. Plus alot more random stuff...